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Management of contractors site visits and site inspections.

Do you need residential property management services?

If you are the occupier of a poorly-managed residential property, your satisfaction in your home is likely to decline as dilapidations increase. If you are the management landlord of a residential investment, the market value of your property will drop as a result. Such properties are not assets – they are drains.

In the UK, the majority of recently constructed residential developments are managed by means of resident controlled management companies (RMCs). This is due to the fact that in residential developments where properties share walls, each flat supports its neighbours. They are integrated and their management must reflect this. When purchasing property on a residential development management it is important to consider how the RMC will benefit you.

At Redbrick Property Management we value both the landlord and the occupiers of homes we manage. Our occupier services managing agents guarantee that all developments under our management are maintained to the highest possible standards and that our clients are informed in full of their legal obligations so that they can make informed choices about their homes.

Our property management priorities are to:

  1. Advise clients on all aspects of a maintenance contract
  2. Assist clients in choosing the correct level of contract
  3. Assist clients in choosing the best contractors
  4. Commensurate with the service being provided

We do this by:

  1. Providing informal consultancy on leasehold and freehold compliance, including breaches and covenant issues
  2. Providing informal consultancy and advice relating to company law, contract law, housing acts and other topics that pertain to the client
  3. Assisting in the explanation of the terms of leases and transfers
  4. Providing information and assistance in respect of directors and company secretaries liabilities
  5. Using our experienced and approved contractors to carry out building surveying

Additional residential property management services we provide for our clients include:

  1. The management and administration of contract services
  2. The instigation and enactment of development inspections
  3. The provision of financial management and funds administration
  4. Attending to correspondence and telephone calls
  5. Convening and attending informal and formal meetings
  6. Liaising with maintenance contractors
  7. Liaising with developers where necessary
  8. Any necessary day to day aspects of residential property management

At Redbrick Property Management we understand the value of a safe, comfortable and well-managed home as an asset. We provide a personal and proactive property management service, ensuring that each and every client is content with their living arrangements and the services we provide.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to all at Red Brick Management, not only have you been first class in understanding our needs you've also been a pleasure to work with.
Chessington Mansions
We Directors sat and had a meeting about the development last night and the guys are extremely happy with how Red Brick are managing the development. In particular, the lowering of service charges and quick response times which were the two issues we had with our former managing agent!
Tallis Court
Well done that is a great result and sets a precedent for any further monies that may be due. thank you very much indeed for a great job on our behalf.
Mornington and Silverthorne Lodge
We were unimpressed with our previous management company and decided to give Red Brick a trial period with strict targets to meet - relating to response times, costings, and general maintenance of the development of 238 apartments.
Monument Court

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